What love is

I certainly know what love is. I’m sure that it’s love when words are not enough to define the reason why you feel that way towards that person. When you know that it’s more than just a feeling and it’s always beyond words. I think it’s love when you do the things that you don’t usually do—when something is changing inside you and it feels so right. When you no longer feel those rumbling butterflies in your stomach whenever you’re with that person, but brings you peace and calmness instead. When you’re not trying so hard to be like anyone else because that person never makes you feel that there’s something wrong about you, but rather helps to bring out the best in you. It’s love when you still want the best for that person even if it brings you out of the picture. When you just want to make him happy and help him ease the pain from the burden he carries. When it never makes you feel alone and it always comforts you. I just think that it’s love when it never makes you feel miserable or think too much, because it should never confuse you and make you feel anxious.

And I’m just certain that it’s love, when you keep on choosing that person undoubtedly, even if the universe gives you a lot of reasons not to—because you know that if you let that person go, then you’ll never find the same meaning of love again.

I need a recharge

I’m sorry.
This whole month made me run out of social batteries.
I’m just overwhelmed by the number of strangers around me,
Making noises—loud voices.
I’m just not used to seeing unfamiliar faces.
I guess it’s really hard to fit in especially when you’re not trying to,
because I don’t need to.
Maybe I’m tired of wearing this facade so I’ll admit that everything is exhausting me lately.
The crowd,
the expectations and the realities.
Maybe keeping my walls high is what makes me full.
Enjoying my own company or with the people who care about me is what makes my mind at peace.
I just need a recharge then I’ll conquer the world again.